What is it and when would I need it?

Invisalign® is a series of invisible, removable aligners made with 3D imaging technology. Each aligner looks like a clear plastic tray designed to place pressure on the teeth that need to be moved into alignment. Compared with traditional metal braces, it is less visible and is more comfortable in your mouth. Despite these advantages, Invisalign® is not always the best solution when compared to traditional metal braces. If you are interested in pursuing orthodontic treatment, let Dr. Lok know at your next cleaning or schedule a consultation with us to see if it is appropriate for you.

What should I expect during and after the procedure?

You wear each set of aligners around the clock for about 1-2 weeks, removing it only as needed to eat, drink, brush and floss. Sometimes a white colour filling is bonded to your tooth to help the aligners move your teeth. As you progress through each aligner, your teeth will slowly move until they have straightened out to their final position. Our office will routinely check to ensure your treatment is moving along as planned and make adjustments along the way as needed. The total treatment time for Invisalign averages between 6-24 months.


During Invisalign® treatment, it is important as ever to maintain good hygiene at home and continue your check-up and cleaning appointments. During orthodontic treatment, teeth tend to accumulate more plaque and tartar. You will clean the aligners with your toothbrush as you would with your teeth. Optionally, you can use supplied cleaning crystals for added freshness.

Once you have completed wearing all the trays and are happy with the results, we transition to retainers to keep your teeth beautiful and straight. There are different types of retainers and we would be happy to discuss with you the differences.

For more information about Invisalign® Post Operative Instructions, Click here.