Take a look at our frequently asked questions you may be able to find the answers. Alternatively, always feel free to contact our office to speak with an assistant.

We are currently accepting new patients! See our contact page to schedule an appointment or give our office a call to get more information.

Yes we are an assignment office, meaning if your insurance allows for it we can directly bill to them on your behalf for treatment we complete at this office. Please have your insurance information on hand when booking an appointment as we will need check it before your appointment in order to give you the assignment of benefits. If you have previously been to our office and your insurance has stayed the same we will check it for you one to two days before your appointment.

Our routine checkup and cleanings include a thorough exam by Dr. Lok, removing plaque and tartar by our hygienist, followed by polishing to remove stains and a fluoride treatment. We may suggest taking updated x-rays every few years as they help us keep track of your oral health. We follow the current year fee guide set by the province of BC and do not charge above those fees. For an estimate of how much a cleaning would cost please give our office a call so one of our team can give you a detailed breakdown.

We understand that things happen in life and we get all busy. Let us know 48 hours or 2 business days before your appointment and we are happy to help you reschedule that appointment. To make sure that patients have equal opportunity to be seen in a timely manner, please understand that unless a true emergency arises a small cancellation fee may apply if it is made without 48 hours notice.

Depending on how deep your filling is and how your nerves respond a filling can be sensitive to biting, hot/cold foods and beverages for days to months at times. We suggest being patient with your tooth and monitoring for improvement. If you feel that you are biting on that filling especially hard or that now your bite feels significantly different that before, make an appointment with us and we will help you adjust that filling. Alternatively if you feel the sensitivity getting progressively worse also make an appointment with us and we shall assess the next steps for your tooth.

We recommend waiting until your freezing has worn off before eating as you may accidently bite your tongue or cheek. Freezing typically only lasts from 2-3 hours from the very start of your appointment.